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Some relevant information of international flange

International flange is relatively strict in production. In fact, as long as you bring the word international, you mean the flange produced according to the provisions of relevant standards. Therefore, it is in full compliance with the regulations. Such international flanges will be more assured whe

Some problems caused by flange connection

With the rapid development of social economy, industrial leakage has been perplexing many industrial managers. Industrial leakage is due to problems in the pipeline system, and the vast majority of pipeline system problems are due to problems in an important part of the pipeline system – flange. Fla

Precautions for installing rubber joint 1

1. When the flexible rubber joint is installed in the pipeline, it must be in a natural state, and the product shall not be deformed artificially.When the pipeline medium is acid-base resistant, oil resistant, high temperature resistant and other special materials, the joint one gear higher than the

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