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Principle of Socket Pipe Fittings

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The basic principle and performance characteristics of the socket pipe fittings The other is that there is no less to negotiate in the pipeline. Root, also called the root hoop, lock nut, with one end for the short wire buckle, the other end for the long thread buckle short pipe and a root mother, plus an inner wall for the pipe hoop to form a filament, its dip with the live negotiations, used for removable living adjacent, when used in the radiator to fill the heart, the wire pipe hoop can also be omitted; flanges, the two pieces of the push of the composition of a pay, disseminated with the live negotiations. Specifications for the caliber d50mm above, because the large size of the valve at both ends of the flange-type interface, so the flange is also used for pipe and valve adjacent.

The four-pass socket is used for pipe-pass vertical interleaving adjacent place; the diameter of the four-pass, in the pipeline vertically adjacent to two small diameter of the branch pipe when used; the heart is also known as internal and external wire, internal and external diameter, inner silk small, outer silk big, outer silk and other fittings adjoining, internal wire straight continuous with pipe, an adjoining place for a pipe; a short negotiation for an outer screw, used for adjoining two adjacent pipe fittings; short negotiation replace for common lathe spinning, very short negotiation is called the silk, and the plug is called the head, and the plug head is the outer thread, which is used to block the orifice of the pipe. The two of the pipe joints that can be buckled together, mother and adjacent to the public mouth, the mother of the set of female components, the partial buckle with a cushion or asbestos paper cushion to avoid leakage, live negotiations for the pipe in the need to the same diameter pipeline to live adjacent to, that is, the pipe can also be opened apart.

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