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Sealing Effect and Interface Leakage Treatment of Carbon Steel Flange

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There are three types of sealing surface of carbon steel flange: Plane sealing surface, applicable to the pressure is not high, the medium non-toxic occasions; concave and convex sealing surface, suitable for the occasion of a slightly higher pressure; tenon groove sealing surface, suitable for flammable, explosive, toxic medium and high pressure occasions. The ordinary rubber gasket is suitable for the occasion that the temperature is less than 120 ℃; asbestos rubber gasket is suitable for the water vapor temperature below 450 ℃, the oil temperature is below 350 ℃, the pressure is below 5MPa, for the general corrosive medium, the most commonly used is the acid-resistant asbestos board. Carbon Steel flange gasket is a kind of ring which can produce plastic deformation and has certain strength.

Carbon steel flange is the middle without holes in the flange, guarantee can probably perform good performance and advantages, production should be strictly based on the affirmation of the process and the main point of production. Carbon steel flange is a good choice. Take a moderate amount of carbon and become firm. It is possible to play the role and cost of differentiation in use. Carbon steel flanges in the use and production of different hardness and strength, guarantee can probably play a role in the use of tension and cost. The difference material of carbon steel flanges can be used in the use of the difference between the advantages and characteristics of low carbon steels with good strength.

The rigidity requirement of the carbon steel flange, when the flange is designed, are only for strength calculation, and very little stiffness calculation, but more and more production practice has proved that flange stiffness will affect the tightness of flange, the rigidity of the flange will produce too much warping deformation, so that the pressure of the gasket is uneven, resulting in leakage. Carbon steel flange Joint is a detachable joint, according to the connected parts can be divided into container flange and pipe carbon steel flange. In high-pressure equipment and piping, the use of copper, aluminum, 10th # steel, stainless steel lens or other shape of the metal gasket. High-pressure gasket and sealing surface contact width is very narrow (line contact), sealing surface and gasket processing carbon steel flange finish higher.

Carbon steel flange Common interface leakage is mainly sealed gasket and flange between the end of the leak, the main reason for sealing gasket preload is not enough, the treatment method is appropriate to increase preload force, there are several cases:

1 The long-term use of gasket plastic deformation

Treatment method: Replacement;

2 Sealing gasket Aging, cracking and deterioration

Treatment method: Replace.

3 Flange sealing surface roughness of the inconsistent requirements

Treatment method: Repair;

4) Framping surface roughness or plane transverse scratches

Treatment method: Repair;

5 cold and thermal deformation and mechanical vibration, etc.

Approach: Improve the environment or material selection;

6 Flange connecting Bolt deformation elongation

Treatment method: Material and can not exceed permissible torque

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