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Some relevant information of international flange

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International flange is relatively strict in production. In fact, as long as you bring the word international, you mean the flange produced according to the provisions of relevant standards. Therefore, it is in full compliance with the regulations. Such international flanges will be more assured when used, at least in terms of quality. Since it came into being, it has replaced the national standard GB / t9112-2000; GB / t10745-1989 standard, and another meaning of this international flange is: the flange produced according to the size and tolerance range required by relevant standards. The difference is that the flange not produced according to the standard size is also known as the second standard flange. As a manufacturer, we must find a regular manufacturer when we buy the national standard flange, because it is often found that some unscrupulous businesses will reduce the thickness of the flange The outer diameter is two dimensions to achieve the purpose of saving materials. The ten sentences used in the use of such products will certainly not achieve the effect, and will also affect other places. Therefore, it is suggested to find a regular manufacturer to avoid this problem. Anyway, if you need to order national standard flanges, you can come here to have a look.

There are many materials of international flanges. Now the more common materials on the market are forged steel, WCB carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, chromium molybdenum steel, chromium molybdenum vanadium steel, molybdenum titanium, rubber lining and fluorine lining. No matter what kind you need, our company is useful. However, do not choose some unqualified companies. Otherwise, when they produce national standard flanges, they process flanges with waste steel or scrap steel. Usually, this kind of steel is the waste material whose chemical composition and mechanical properties do not meet the standard. What's more, they use private steelmaking in black steel plant to produce France. The steelmaking technology used in private steelmaking is old and cannot guarantee the mechanical properties and welding properties, In this way, when in use, it may be impossible to weld with the steel pipe, or the steel itself may leak after welding with cracks and pores. Therefore, we must go to regular manufacturers to buy national standard flanges

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