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Specific Production Method of Carbon Steel Flange

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Heating temperature is a key index in heat treatment of large diameter flange and other flange fittings. The selection and control of heating temperature involves the quality of heat treatment and the final product quality, therefore, how to choose the proper heating mode and how to control the heating temperature in the heat treatment process of the large diameter flange and other pipe fittings is the problem that we need to pay special attention to.

Carbon steel flange specific production method is: hot-pressing elbow is the tube heated with professional equipment processing, and then cut heating to the critical temperature above, heat preservation for a period of time quickly into the quenching agent, so that its temperature suddenly reduced, in order to greater than the critical cooling speed of the rapid cooling method produced by the elbow

Stainless steel flange film is not produced corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear, is the construction of metal materials in one of the highest strength. The tempering temperature of the stress is 600~650℃. If there is a slag in the welding phenomenon, it will be reproduced after the completion of the welding, pressure experiment or in the process of use will be leaking or leakage occurs, so it must be in the welding stamping elbow to eliminate such a phenomenon. At present, for the Shanxi province’s large-scale flange industry, can be said to be “love and hate.”

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