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The Introduction of Connection Method of the Part Flange for Connecting Pipe

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Generally speaking, the laying of pipelines has a certain distance. But because of the difficulty of processing or for the convenience of transportation and so on, all the pipeline processing is a section of the appearance in front of the builders. The builders are required to connect the section of the pipe to the length of the construction distance. The parts that make the pipes connect in the best way should be the flange. The method of using the flange to connect the pipe is called or is the socket extension shortening pipe link method. The following stainless steel flange suppliers have introduced two kinds of connection methods.

First, flange connection method

The stainless steel flange connection method is the most suitable connection method for connecting the two kinds of materials such as cast iron pipe and steel pipe. and the most suitable diameter is 315mm pipe fittings. The most obvious feature of using this connection method is the non rigid connection, the tensile strength is strengthened and the disassembly is convenient.

Again, according to the above characteristics, the flange connection method can also be used as a low pressure conveying pipeline for easy disassembly of the connector. And this method as a pipeline can have disassembly function of the connector, because this part can withstand a relatively high tensile and compressive strength, shear resistance, such as the use of distortion. Here stainless steel flange supplier explain it again. Low carbon steel, the characteristics of mild steel but the strength of the lower, the addition of the appropriate carbon element will make its strength subsequently increased, that is to say that in the case of plastic does not reduce the strength has been strengthened. This is more suitable for large-scale pipeline construction.

Second, it is the connection method of the socket-type extension shortening pipe

This connection method is suitable for pipe diameter is Caome 315mm, this pipe diameter is characterized by a rigid connection, can be disassembled at any time, the resistance is relatively large. Now the building in China has a larger development space, in the floor and floor between the vertical pipe, there is a long-distance collection network, and then buried in the underground pipeline installation, must be installed in the last socket-type extension shorten the tube.

General pipeline installation is a relatively large-scale project, once implemented, it needs to do a long time to use the plan, so must pay attention to the quality of the project. For the more important pipeline connection, the construction personnel should choose the suitable construction method in different construction. For this aspect of stainless steel flange suppliers will provide you with the greatest help.

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