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Understand the Assembly, Connection and Maintenance of Flanges

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The stainless steel flange should have sufficient strength and should not be deformed during the tightening process. When installing the stainless steel flange, the flange cover should be smooth and clean, and oil stains and rust spots should be carefully removed. The gasket should have good oil resistance, aging resistance, good elasticity and mechanical strength. The stainless steel flange of the equipment should be selected according to the shape of the joint, and gaskets of different cross-sections and sizes should be correctly selected and installed.

The tightening amount of the rubber pad is controlled at about 1:3, and the tightening force of the stainless steel flange should be evenly distributed. In addition, the use of stainless steel flanges should be carried out in accordance with normal methods and principles to ensure the quality and use value of stainless steel flanges. Stainless steel flanges should be applied and installed in accordance with normal operating specifications.

Maintenance method of stainless steel flange:

Many people should know the stainless steel flange, in fact it is just a component, it is used to connect the two parts of the pipe connection, these components are simple and easy to understand, but even such a small part, the things behind it are very knowledgeable. What we should learn is how to maintain these components. First of all, when welding stainless steel flanges, we only want to prevent the corrosion of the cover. In fact, the welding current should not be too large in order to cool down faster. This is also a better operator. Secondly, When using stainless steel flanges, appropriate stabilizing elements should be added to the stainless steel flanges to keep them stable to a certain extent. Of course, there are many problems with the welding of stainless steel flanges. For example, repeated heating can reduce corrosion to a certain extent. This kind of thing is not easy, so we often see some small details. If we can pay attention to these things, pay more attention to and take precautions, we can maintain them well and reduce the loss of goods. Stainless steel flanges are the most common disc-shaped parts in pipeline engineering. Stainless steel flanges are used in pairs. In pipeline engineering, stainless steel flanges are mainly used for pipeline connection. When connecting pipelines, various flanges are installed. Silk flanges can be used For low-pressure pipelines, welding flanges can be used for pressures exceeding 4 kg. Add a sealing point between the two flanges and fix them with bolts. Flanges with different pressures have different thicknesses. Different bolts, pumps and valves are used. When connected to the pipeline, the components of these equipment are also made into corresponding flange shapes, also called flange connections, which can be fixed and closed on two planes at the same time.

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