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What is high pressure alloy steel flange

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Flanges, as the name suggests, are used in high pressure environments. Specifically, it is used for connecting flanges of piping and other equipment with pressure higher than 10MPa. There are two main types of high pressure flanges. One is a traditional high-pressure flange, and the other is a high-pressure self tightening flange. Two kinds of high pressure flanges are commonly used at present.

The traditional high-pressure flange mainly uses the forming deformation of gasket to seal. Commonly used gaskets mainly include elliptical gasket, octagonal gasket, lens gasket, etc. In the past, the high-pressure flange was mainly used for the connection of pipe ends, but the general flange has a flange for firmly connecting two flanges. Self locking flange is mainly used in oil exploitation, food processing and environmental engineering.

Standard for high pressure alloy steel flanges

High pressure alloy steel flange, as an important equipment for various pipe connections, plays a very important role. In particular, flanges used in oil exploitation, natural gas transmission, environmental engineering and other important places must be foolproof. Therefore, the state has strict Executive Standards for the production and manufacture of high-pressure flanges. The following small series will briefly introduce the standards of flanges.

High pressure alloy steel flange is mainly composed of metal sealing ring, hub, fastener and other components. The standard of high pressure flange is also the production standard of these parts. As the metal ring is the central part of the high-pressure flange, its size must be made in strict accordance with the specifications. After the hub is firmly fixed on the fastener, the ferrule is pressed on the sealing ring to form a good sealing area, which can achieve the desired effect. There are certain standards for the installation of fasteners, but the fasteners can be freely adjusted in many aspects during installation. This is also for easy installation.

High pressure alloy steel flange traditional high pressure flange

The existing high-pressure flange: it is a component that uses the plastic deformation of the gasket (elliptical gasket, octagonal gasket, lens gasket, etc.) to achieve the sealing effect, connects with the pipe, and connects the pipe to the pipe. The flange has holes and is a stud bolt

1. The sealing principle is plastic deformation

2. Fasten with bolts

3. The bolt must bear tensile force, temperature difference stress, bending moment, torque and other external stresses

4. Large volume, heavy weight, difficult installation and positioning.

5. The sealing performance is unstable, and it is easy to leak under severe conditions (high temperature, high pressure and highly toxic medium), resulting in serious consequences.

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