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What is the application range of high pressure flange

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The traditional high pressure flange has the following characteristics:

1. The high pressure flange is connected by bolts; 2. Its sealing principle is plastic deformation to achieve sealing effect; 3. The high-pressure flange is generally large in volume, so it is relatively difficult to install and position the high-pressure flange; 4. The bolts of high-pressure flange should bear tensile force, temperature difference stress, bending moment, torque and other external forces; 5. Traditional high pressure flange products have strict requirements on temperature, pressure and medium, so its sealing performance is relatively unstable and easy to leak.

Flange, also known as flange plate or flange. Flange is a part of the pipe and pipe which is connected with each other, which is used for connection between pipe ends; it is also used for flange at the inlet and outlet of equipment, and used for connection between two equipment. Flange connection is to fix two pipes, fittings or equipment on one flange plate, and then connect them with bolts.


Type of flange

There are many kinds of flange we commonly use. According to the connection method, it can be divided into: plate type flat welding flange, neck butt welding flange with neck flat welding flange, socket welding flange, thread flange, flange cover, loose sleeve flange with neck butt welding ring, loose sleeve flange of flat welding ring, flange cover, large diameter plate flange, large diameter high neck flange, eight character blind plate, loose sleeve flange of butt welding ring, etc.


Flange mainly plays the role of connecting pipeline, general pipeline connection is threaded connection and flange connection. However, due to the relatively good stability of flange connection, generally large diameter pipelines are connected by flange. In addition, flange interface is used on the equipment, which can play a certain role in shock absorption, and the interface is not easy to leak. Therefore, the high pressure gas fire extinguishing system needs to be equipped with flange connection.

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