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What should carbon steel flanges pay attention to in daily use?

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What should carbon steel flanges pay attention to in daily use?

First of all, we don't put carbon steel flanges in damp places, because carbon steel will rust after being in contact with water for a period of time, the surface will change, and the corresponding mechanical properties will also change.

Secondly, we do not use hard objects to collide with the carbon steel flange, which will cause marks on the surface of the carbon steel flange and will also lead to the deterioration of the sealing performance.

Process characteristics of carbon steel flange blanks:

1. The material of carbon steel flange blank is low carbon steel, its carbon content is 0.1%-0.25%, and the main components are iron, carbon and silicon-manganese alloy.

2. When making, first cut or cut the raw material into the required length. Then, according to the shape and size of the processed product, the material is cut, cold drawn, welded and formed, and finally finished by grinding, painting, packaging and other processes.

3. When manufacturing products, it needs to be produced according to certain technical parameters and requirements. Such as nominal pressure pn (mpa) 0.25mpa-1.0mpa; working temperature -20°C-40°C-60°C; material variety 10#20#35#45#16mnr15crmo12cr1movg, etc.

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