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Existing value and advantage of carbon steel flange

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Existing value of carbon steel flange:

First, if a section of pipe fittings connected by carbon steel flange is damaged, it is convenient to replace the pipe fittings. In this way, it is unnecessary to replace the whole pipe system;

Second, the use of carbon steel flange pipe fittings, in the repair and inspection of pipe fittings, can be very aspects of the pipe piece by section of the disassembly inspection, so as to improve the speed and accuracy of inspection;

Third, the use of carbon steel flange connection pipe fittings, in order to close a section of the pipeline, can be very convenient for operation.

Advantages of carbon steel flange:

1. Flange is the connection device of two large diameter pipes, usually two flange plates plus a number of fastening bolts. Carbon steel flange is made of carbon steel flange.

2. Carbon steel flange has different hardness and strength in use and production, which can play different roles and values in use. Different strength flange will show different characteristics and advantages in use.

3. Low carbon steel has good plasticity and low strength. It will become hard after adding proper amount of carbon element, the plasticity will decrease and the strength will be enhanced. Flange connection may need to bear high tensile, compressive, torsional, shear strength, carbon steel flange is a better choice.

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