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Introduction of flexible sealed waterproof casing

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1. When the upstream surface is corrosive medium, the gap can be sealed with sealing materials. See the atlas of waterproof casing for the method; Installation drawing of flexible waterproof casing (type A).

2. flexible waterproof casing material: Bituminous hemp, polystyrene board, PVC foam board.

3. Sealing paste: polysulfide sealing paste, polyurethane sealing paste.

4. The dimensional tolerance and geometric tolerance of welded structures shall be in accordance with the requirements. Manual arc welding is adopted for welding. The electrode model is E4303 and the brand is J422. The basic shape and size of weld groove shall be in accordance with GB985-88.

5. When the flexible waterproof casing is rolled, the allowable deviation of perimeter is: D2 ≤ 600, D2 > 600 ± 0.0035d2.

6. The thickness of the concrete wall at the through wall shall not be less than 300, otherwise the wall shall be thickened on one side or both sides, and the diameter of the thickened part shall be at least D5 + 200.

7. The weight of flexible waterproof casing shall be calculated with L = 300. If the wall thickness is greater than 300, it shall be calculated separately.

8. If the flexible waterproof casing passes through the wall and meets the non concrete wall, the concrete wall shall be used locally. The pouring range shall be 200 larger than the wing ring diameter (D5), and bixu the casing shall be poured on the inner wall at one time.

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