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What should be paid attention to in daily use of carbon steel flange

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First of all, we should not put the carbon steel flange in the wet place, because the carbon steel and water will rust for a long time, the surface will change, and the mechanical properties will also be changed accordingly, which brings trouble to our use, so we should try our best to avoid, and then we should pay attention not to collide the carbon steel flange itself with hard things to make carbon steel Flange surface out of the scar, serious damage to the sealing surface will make the future seal is not very firm!

As a kind of connector, carbon steel flange is mainly a device connected by carbon steel flange and end flange. Its connection function is still specific. It is only a device for connecting carbon steel flange and end flange. Forging flange is better than forging flange. Cast flange has accurate blank shape and size, small processing capacity and low cost. However, there are some defects in forged flange (such as air hole, crack and inclusion); streamline pattern of casting internal organization is poor (even worse if it is cutting part); forging flange is generally better than forging flange The sheet has low carbon content and is not easy to rust. The streamline shape of forging is very good, the microstructure is relatively dense, and the mechanical properties are better than that of forged flange; improper forging process will also lead to the phenomenon of large or uneven grains and hardening cracks, and the cost of forging is much higher than that of forged flange. Flange is divided into threaded connection (screw connection) flange, welding flange and clamp flange. Flange is used in pairs, low-pressure pipe can use wire flange, more than 4 kg pressure use welding flange. A sealing point is added between the two flange plates, and then it is tightened with bolts. The flange with different pressure has different thickness and uses different bolts. Flat welding flange manufacturers are mainly flange manufacturers whose body material is made of metal end flange manufacturer connector or flange manufacturer plate. The main production processes are casting, medium plate rolling, forging, medium plate cutting and other methods. The quality of flat welding flange manufacturers is also different.

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