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Experience Identification Technology of Pipe Fittings

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Experience identification technology of pipe fittings

  1. Centripetal ball fitting the normal centripetal ball fitting, the inner and outer ring raceway shall be without spalling and serious grinding marks, and a bright arc groove shall be maintained; All balls should be rounded, without spots, cracks and spalling; When using a hands in the inner ring, the other hand quickly and gently push the outer ring rotation, the request to rotate smoothly, only hear the ball rolling on the raceway of the slight sound, no vibration, should be slowed down gradually, after stopping no backward phenomenon, the normal centripetal ball pipe, inside, the outer ring and the gap between the rolling body is 0.005-0.010mm, when the inner and outer ring is shaken along the radial, there should be no clearance. Used pipe fittings can be held in the hands of the inner ring along the axial sway a few times, when the outer ring and the ball have a clear sound, indicating that the clearance of more than 0.03mm, should not continue to use.

  2. Tapered Roller fittings for the identification of pipe fittings after use, should check whether the rolling body and inner ring Raceway have spalling, whether the cage is over the Yusong, the inner ring is intact, whether or not the outer ring Raceway has a crack. After the inner ring and the roller assembly are loaded into the outer ring, the rollers shall fall into the middle of the raceway and the amount of the front shift should not exceed 1.5mm. One of them is unqualified, that is, cannot be used.

  3. Self-aligning roller fittings and short cylindrical roller fittings The outer ring of such fittings is separable. In normal condition, the inner and outer ring rollers and rollers shall be free from breakage, pitting and deep grinding marks; The cage shall be free of deformation and be able to trap the rollers on the ring; the mating clearance between the inner and outer ring rollers and rollers shall not exceed 0.06mm.

  4. Thrust ball fittings in normal condition, two raceways should be without spalling injury and serious wear, the ball should not be broken and hemp point; the cage should be no deformation, no contact with two raceway washers, and the ball firmly folded together.

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