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Some problems caused by flange connection

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With the rapid development of social economy, industrial leakage has been perplexing many industrial managers. Industrial leakage is due to problems in the pipeline system, and the vast majority of pipeline system problems are due to problems in an important part of the pipeline system – flange. Flange is a part connected between shafts. It is used for the connection between pipe ends or between two equipment. It is used for piping in pipeline devices.

The integrity of flange connection is very important to the fluid transmission pipeline system. Whether it is the pipeline system transporting chemical media or the water supply pipeline, the leakage of flange connection will cause serious environmental and economic impact, and may even bring huge safety risks. However, during the use of flanges, corrosion occurs from time to time. On the one hand, it is caused by the flange itself, which is mainly caused by the improper size of the flange, so that when the flange is installed and connected, there will be gaps due to poor flange connection. There is corrosive medium between flange gaps. Under the action of corrosive medium, the flange gap will become large, resulting in flange corrosion. On the other hand, the reason is that the flange is not subject to anti-corrosion treatment. If the flange is not protected and exposed to corrosive environment or polluted industrial atmosphere, the metal surface of the flange will be corroded if it is in direct contact with water and air in the atmosphere. In another case, if the temperature of the transmission medium at the flange connection is lower than the external atmospheric temperature, the metal coating or grease between the flange gaps is uneven, and local electrochemical corrosion occurs between the metal and the corrosive medium under the action of high temperature. Therefore, in order to prevent industrial leakage, it is necessary to carry out anti-corrosion treatment on the flange.

Winding the flange connection with adhesive tape or plastic pipe for one week can prevent sundries from entering the flange gap to some extent, but it has little effect on the anti-corrosion of flange parts. This is because in the humid environment, complete sealing cannot be achieved, and there is still condensate accumulation at the flange gap due to the change of temperature difference. If it cannot be eliminated in time, the corrosion will be accelerated. After the flange gap is closed from the outside, once the flange gasket leaks, it is easy to produce natural gas accumulation, which is not conducive to safe production. Adhesive tape and plastic pipe need to be replaced regularly due to material aging after being used for a period of time. When pipelines and equipment are arranged in the open air and installed on the ground, coatings shall be used for anti-corrosion. It is required to have good adhesion with the metal surface, waterproof and atmospheric corrosion, UV aging resistance and climate resistance. However, at the flange connection parts, especially at the gap between the group flanges, due to the difficulty in cleaning the grease and dirt on the surface of the connector and the gap, and the derusting quality is often difficult to meet the requirements of the standards and specifications, the applied anti-corrosion coating is very easy to fall off and can not play an anti-corrosion effect.

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